The Best Things in Life Are Fresh

Mealtime in an RV is healthier, more colorful, more affordable and more fun. From stopping at roadside stands and local markets teeming with regional flavors, tastes, colors and aromas to keeping road-trip snacks within arm’s reach, RVers save their appetites and their wallets. Fewer meals in restaurants means vacation-cost savings.

Be daring and try something new. Be true to yourself and stick to favorite comfort foods. RV travelers bring along everything they need, including the kitchen sink...and stove, and microwave, and refrigerator. And with cabinets aplenty, favorite spices/dry staples can be left packed in the RV between trips, and the family chef’s go-to tools and pans can easily make the trip as well.

Meal prep is somehow more fun on the road, and family members pitch in to help. Check out some of the interesting and easy-to-prepare recipes provided by fellow RVers, and get your family cooking tonight.

Got a great recipe of your own to share? Go RVing welcomes any original recipes to include on our site – think simple ingredients, time-saving meals, healthy fare, one-pot/one-pouch favorites that require little cleanup, campfire or outdoor grill must-tries, kid-tested favorites – the possibilities are endless. Click here to fill out our Submit Recipe Form, and our hungry panelists will give it a try!


Range Top 2x4 Soup
Stovetop or Grill All in One Burger
Range Top Campers Slop
Grill or Campfire Campfire Chicken Stew
Range Top Deer Chili
Prepare/No-cooking Happy Pork Rub
Coals or Fire Pit Hobo Hamburger Potato
Coals or Fire Pit Hobo Packs
Campfire Jackie Brown
Range Top Meal in a Skillet
Range Top One Pot Chicken
Crock Pot Pepperoncini Roast
Crockpot Potato Soup
Electric Skillet or Grill Skillet Lasagna
Range Top Soy Crumbles Chili
Grill or Campfire Summer Sausage Hobo Packets
Range Top Sunshine Snowbird
Stovetop or Oven Vonore Bean Bake