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Sport Utility RV (Towable and Motorized)

The Sport Utility RV, or SURV, is for the active family who wants to take motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs or other motorized toys on the road. Available as a motorhome or towable unit, the rear end of the SURV drops down, forming a ramp for access into a “garage” area where motorized toys can be safely stored; the living quarters are separated by a wall.

Sport Utility RV (Towable and Motorized)


19-39 ft


From $10,300 to $170,000


Up to 8


  • All the conveniences of home, including kitchen, dining, bathroom, entertainment and storage.
  • Slideouts in some models, which move the RV wall outward up to three feet at the touch of a button to create larger living areas.

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