Tailgate like a champion

Fans know the parking lot is where the party is, and there’s no better way to tailgate than in an RV.  If your idea of AWAY is an AWAY game – then rev up the RV and follow your team. RV tailgating means having the home field advantage no matter how far away you roam. Here's a few reasons why....

Hello Full Kitchen!

Keep your favorite beverages and perishable foods cold in the fridge. Fully equipped kitchens mean access to a microwave, stove top, and even an oven. Spacious countertops and outlets mean you can bring along slow cookers, blenders and anything else to complete your game day feast.

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Say Goodbye to Waiting in Line

Your own bathroom is clean, close, and you don’t have to wait in line. Some RVs even have a guest bathroom, perfect for friends at your tailgate. 

Avoid Traffic Frustration

While everyone else sits in bumper-to-bumper traffic, trying to exit the parking lot, you can continue the party or relax in the comfort of your RV.  Watch post-game highlights, grab a snack and enjoy extra time with your family & friends.

Stay Cool (or Warm) and Dry 

Whatever the weather, an RVs got you “covered”. Awnings provide relief from sun and protection from the rain. When it’s hot, hot, hot at those early season games, escape into the cool AC. In case of inclement weather, the party can move inside and still enjoy the tailgate with plenty of seating to watch the pre-game show on TV!

You’ve Got the Power

Whether you’re plugged in or running on a generator (a popular option on RVs), your TV is powered up for pre- and post-game highlights, the AC (or heat) is keeping you comfortable, and you can charge your cell phones before you get back on the road.  

Take it All

RVs provide enough storage space for all of your tailgating needs. Grills, tables, chairs, corn hole/ladder ball games, coolers, etc. - there’s space for it all.

Tailgating Doesn’t Just Mean Football

From your kid’s youth league to the professional ranks, RVs take tailgating to the next level. Models start at around $6,000, making an RV the ideal and affordable way to follow your favorite team. 


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Drinks, Dips, and More

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A good tailgating experience gets everyone excited for the big game. Check out these helpful tips and do tailgating the right way. 

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